Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good Food , Great Place

Kamat in Karnataka has been a household name with regards to chain of restaurants and other line of businesses. They have these three popular joints in and around bangalore, kamat yatri nivas, lokaruchi and nandanavana,
Yatrinivas is in one of the busiest places of bangalore called majestic, lokaruchi is on the way to mysore and is a crazily crowded place with all travelers on this route stopping over…. But talking about Nandanavana, this joint is near BEL township, this is in the heart of the growing city but the place is so quiet and green. There is nothing hi fi about this place at all, yet the scenic beauty of nature in this restaurant is what makes one visit it again and again…
It is in one of the Govt bda complex kind of buildings… but the whole backyard is full of tall trees, shrub which form the fencing,,, some old lamp posts , a fountain , some shaded huts, stone slabs, old chairs…

You have trees right from Apricot to Sampige and jackfruit… awesome place for children to just play around, beside this hotel is a huge park also…
The food is decent and so is the price…. Next time you happen to cross this place do catch up for some good food and lovely set up…..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mourning on Sheshadri Road

Well for those of you who have not known Bangalore, I am not too sure how much you could relate to my feeling today..
And for those who have crossed this road over the years.. would surely mourn with me .,,
Sheshadri Road is one of the ancient roads if I may say of Bangalore which housed and still houses many of the heritage buildings, be it the fire station, Maharani’s College, the Central Jail ( X) , SJP polytechnic, UVCE,,,,,
This road has gone thru so much of change over the last few years, in the name of modernization and accommodating this new hungry civilization,,,,, which doesn’t stop growing
In this whole exercise of modernization, There have been out right massacres of the many trees, that have long given shelter to so many livings things, including human beings,,,,
First came the flyover on Anand Rao circle , boom went the trees for upto a kilometer…. And now in the name of further road widening,,, the trees are being chopped right upto UVCE….
It was over a week since I had taken that route to office.,,, Today morning while crossing Central Jail sunlight just hit my eyes so hard,,,,, I was wondering how come I had never pulled the shield before while driving on this patch,,, and then I saw that inline all the trees lie by the side of the road… Chopped and dead…. And the road almost looked naked,,,,
There have been many associations and environmentalists fighting for this, we have been vouching for it too, but it does not seem to stop… do I blame myself for not actively being there with others who are trying to stop it…
Will just my mere mourning stop this atrocity,,, I don’t know,,,

Corner House

Near Nehru Circle in Sheshadripuram , there is a Corner House .. ice cream joint that I have been visiting for years. Week after week I have been visiting this place especially when we go on a late night drive to have an icecream. The good thing or the most convenient thing about this place is that there is a guy, Joseph if I am right, who comes over to your car and gets you the order. Over a period of time, we have befriended him and he ensures that we get the due attention, as soon as we dip our light or horn….
But yesterday, night which I thought was very usual, went to Corner house, but to my surprise bang next to corner house , sprang “ Baskin N Robbins” icecream shop…. Wall to Wall…..
My first reaction was , how can two competitors, hit wall to wall like in malls, This is a very silent place with limited , loyal customers….
But my daughters first reaction was “ Ma, I want Baskin Robbins…… only”
Even this joint has the same operating model of serving to your car. Now joseph came as usual and then this new guy also to catch up… And my daughter started yelling for BR … Joseph saw that and he had a look in his eyes, with disappointment… and I felt like as though my loyalty was being put to test….
As a new marketing stunt, this new shop also was offering 1 + 1 free…. We ordered, and I was eating the icecream, looking at both these guys, trying to run and catch their customers,,, ,,, but end of it all, for whatever loyalty I have, I guess I would vouch for dear Corner House,,, which has been there for so many years there, serving my favourite icecream in hot chocolate with nuts,.,,, yum,,,, that’s what I would say…

Now I know my next visit I go, we would have both these guys coming over to serve, coz I would go with CH and my daughter for BR….

Friday, December 12, 2008


This is a word that I have been hearing most frequently for the last few days
What is perception? “Is perception a fact and fact a reality”. Each one of us lives with our own perceptions… We build around it, we dream it the way we want, design it the way we think it should be and end of it either feel extremely happy or extremely dejected.
What are the ways to break perceptions?, is communication the only way to break it…… I think there has to be a total behavioral change in an individual to tackle perceptions.
Does trying to build in positive perceptions, ever help? Or is it just living again in a hypothetical world?
Ok, now you relax and don’t start perceiving after reading this brainless blog of mine….

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye

Saturday evening was usual for us to go to the Hanuman temple. Post the visit, we generally would go to Sagar for some chat, since Saturday evening is skipping meal kind of a ritual… to be frank , it is more on the needs of the tongue and the stomach. It was around 8 in the night and all of a sudden, got the bright idea of going to a night show movie. It has been more than 5+ years since I went on a night show, and that too with my daughter was surely an experiment. We went to Garuda mall, and were checking which movie to go to, then in the available night show list we had “oye lucky, lucky oye” for me the first glance was some vague movie and just did no interest me ,,, then I closely read the banner, which said, “ from the director of Khosla ka Ghosla” , have you watched this movie. It was a fine movie and therefore , got tempted to take the risk of having my daughter, and watching the night show of a movie with a vague name.
Well all I can say at this point in the night is, it’s a cool movie. No cheap comedy, no obscenity, no unnecessary songs, just precise, fine comedy and most of them are new faces, and they all look like theatre artists to me, very natural in their acting,. What to say about Abhay Deol, son of Dharmendra… I had seen some of his movies before, but either switched off the tv in 10 min , just don’t recollect him, but this movie, I just fell in love with him, what an awesome, charming guy is he…and then is Paresh Rawal.. my all time favourite... I can write about the story here, but what’s the fun, go watch it….
Thanks to Dibakar Banerjee, for saving the viewers with an assurance that there is still some good cinema left. Movie is brilliant, fast pace, natural , nothing unwanted or unnecessary…..
Go watch it…
It’s helped make me a much required, relaxing Saturday.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lump in my throat

27th, 28th 29th of last month October was a Diwali celebration time with bursting of crackers, happiness all around. A festival that is celebrated in our country united.
27th , 28th , 29th of this month November , India is united, but to the sounds of bursting…. of bombs, grenades , bullets….
These days will never be the same to India anymore. Every paper, channels are flashing the gory details on the attack on a country that is the world’s supreme in “Democracy”.
My country , My Motherland is under siege. Sounds more like an English movie, but this is crude reality that has just settled down in my mind that my country has been attacked in the most brutal way so far.
Tyrant waves of patriotism in my heart , at the same time a feeling of helplessness that I as a citizen of this country sitting at my home far away from Mumbai can only pray to God to save my people and my land. Glued to the TV, seeing many innocent lives lying astray, there is a lump in my throat rising within with each new clipping being shown.
What did the little baby of Rabbi ‘s family do, that the greatest calamity has struck their baby forever with the death of his parents, what did those hundred’s of innocent people do? Is killing and being killed the only solution? This is a question that pricks me each time I see terror across the Globe. Don’t these killers have families too?
Sure even their families would be mourning somewhere. Be it the death of our heroes, or be it the death of the terrorist of an unwanted land. This way of dying is the most painful.
All I can do like my million other comrades is to pray to the lord, to give strength to the “ Spirit of my Land” which is being tested time and again.
Praying to make this world a BETTER PLACE, ONE PLACE and a HAPPY PLACE to live for all

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jab We Met

Yes I know it is an old title, of a film that has gone by few months ago……
I watched that movie today for the 4th time, guess I haven’t seen any movie so many times in a long long time…. Don’t even recollect having done that before…
This movie is really pleasant to see,,, a simple story so well told,,,,, and the songs are really good.
Especially the song sung by Ustad Rashid khan .. “ aaoge jab tum oh saajana……” divine melody…..
I just heard that song couple of times in the car today while driving….
Though the characters who have played the lead roles in the movie are so unreal in real life…. Their reel life looks very sweet, loving and nice…
If you have still not watched the movie, then watch it….

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Winter Leaves

Left home early to office, was crossing thru cubbon park, this was nothing unusual as I do that every day…. But today the traffic was a little less or maybe I was in a mood to observe things outside other than focus just on traffic..
I happened to be at a point when there was a strong wind and there were these leaves that just began to wither down from the tree… this was near the public library… it looked so beautiful.
They were just dry leaves dying and making way for the newer ones to come… but it was a very pleasant sight to see .
I just pulled my car to a side , sat for 5 minutes watching them…..
Traffic just rolled on, as though people have become so insensitive or have no time for anything….or guess they keep exclusive weekend time for such activities... dont know

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Punch liners catch me!!!

Ok, today I am in chennai and had to catch up some grub commuting between offices, the cab driver took me to a restaurant called palimar … Speed 4 Veg restaurant. ( hope I got the name right)
This is no special restaurant and usual, but it has something that could just pep anyone feeling low or in a bad mood.
His entire core interior decoration are nothing but huge placards with some wonderful , catchy , motivating proverbs… apt for today’s living style,,,
I was all alone, but I enjoyed every moment being , in that hotel.. trying to recollect a few of them, so you can read and have a light smile on your face ( hoping J )
1. If you keep working faithfully for 8 hours you will be promoted as a manager and then you will work 12 hours
2. There is no point winning a rat race, coz even if you win you will still be a rat
3. A racehorse is the only animal that can take thousands of people for a ride at the same time
4. I always remember faces, in your case I make an exception
5. Don’t be so humble, you are not that great
6. Hard work never hurt anyone, but I decided why take the chance
7. There is nothing called gravity , basically earth sucks !!!!
8. I have three phone, 2 landlines and a mobile , one in my car and two at home, if I missed and do not return your call then the only reason is “ I don’t like you”
9. The irony is when you call wrong numbers, they are never engaged
10. If someone says, today is the end of the world, don’t worry, its already tomorrow in Australia

11. I never had a penny in my name, so i changed my name 12. People will believe anything if you whisper it
I got to surely get a prize for my memory , to recall as many in about 20 minutes i stayed there .

I guess such things should be more wall mounted in common places of visit… light and funny.
I have seen some serious writing also in some places, but don’t recall.

Water branding!!!!

"I look back on life, its funny how things turn out. You a connoisseur of fast food, now gaze at water that took years to make and I some of the purest water in the world stand here trapped in a bottle. Come enjoy the irony……"

Are you wondering what is it that I have written on top… well this is a phrase that you will find on the “Himalayan” natural mineral water, a Tata product. I have been now drinking this bottled water for some time and I have always really liked the way these words have been so beautifully phrased… and enjoyed drinking the water after having a kind of “feel good feeling” (if that is a right phrase to use )in my mind. This is just not the only phrase, there are several such different phrases on each bottle. Today I could remember this phrase even without the bottle in my hand coz I coincidentally seemed to have got this phrase for three times now.
I feel this is a very good branding technique , different and catches the customers attention.

If you happen to pick this bottle up next time, don’t miss reading these phrases. Jet Airways serves only these bottles off late…

Thursday, September 25, 2008


My friend tagged me....

Where is your cell phone?---- Currently sticking to me ears for the last 5 hours.. pyuking
Your hair?---- Looks electrocuted

your favorite thing? ----Singing while driving with all windows closed

One thing you hate----- telephone
Your dream last night?----- My %^&*( taking a class for me

Your favorite drink?----- Tata tea

What you’re not?------ Hypocrite

Where you grew up? ------Rajajinagar ( do you know)

The last thing you did? -----Wrote a blog

What are you wearing?------ Chudidhaar as usual

Your mood? -------Totally low ,so blogging
Missing someone?------ My baby

Something you’re not wearing?------- My wit and smile.

Favorite store?------ Gurjari ( Gujarat Emporium)

Like someone? -------Still thinking
Your favorite color?-------- Cant think of one now

One word you overuse –----- God…..

Wrap gifts? or Gift Bags? –----- Gift bags, I am lousy at wrapping

I tag :------ you

Discovery of con calls

I wonder if Alexander Graham bell ever had a clue of what people do with his invention today…
They cling to his invention more dearly than their dear ones for hours during the day, it’s a 360 degree cycle , talking to their boss, peers, team member.,,,
Intermediate calls from wife,husband, son or daughter which would be less than a minute out of the overall duration of the day….
Best is what I call the discovery of con calls….. get in and you never know when you get out,,,,,
Brain goes Zomby
Had he a clue what enhancements we have done to his invention today..I wonder what his reaction would have been.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

mind blocks...

its been a while now that i have been travelling up noida quiet frequently...
but somehow, i have not been able to relate myself to this place and always feel that i am living in a strangers land...
many a times staying these guest houses give you a very depressive feeling. Its just too silent , lonely or i can say haunted. Its no offense meant, but i keep thinking to myself, why is it that this mind block refuses to give way to better and more positive thoughts about the place... but i am still trying to find an answer..
The only thought of getting back to Rajajinagara.. gives me peace of mind... crazy....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Independence day

Its been a long time since i wrote... wonder so many things all of a sudden take precedence over what i actually want to do.. anyway... so getting back to form and shape.. just plugging in one of my old poetries ... thought it most relevant as the day is getting closer

Slogans were heard everywhere,
Gunshots were fired in the air.
We called them patriots.
But aliens called them slaves.

Dressed in white,
They fought for freedom
They were men with mettle
And real wisdom

They spoke one language,
Visioned one goal,
Followed one mission,
Honest to their soul.

Shedding away their tears,
They fought for years.
Many died….With bullets and swords pierced.

One day at midnight…
14th August 1947
Came the night of freedom,
To see India like heaven

Today we have the independence,
But there has been a slow death…
Death!!! of a patriot within us
Goals different and souls apart,
Confused how to end and what to start
Fighting for luxury beyond par….
Is this what our martyrs died for?

Feel the spirit of Freedom, in its true sense !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

C/O Joseph Annaya

It was September 2000 when Vinayak and myself were desperately looking for a house on rent. We were to get married in Nov and he was in a bachelor’s accomadation which was not possible for me to go and live. We started our search saw many houses, but liked few and the few we liked were not ready to give us the house since we were still not married and they wanted us to get back when we were married..

While we went to one such house, there was a lady on the road who over heard our conversation and told us of a house that was on the main WOC road. She just said that it belongs to a gentleman by name Joseph who visited the church with them. She said he is really good man and we should try our luck there. Desperation made us to quickly search the place and go meet him. He was a well built man at the age of 76 then. We told him our story like we did to many, and he did not even think for a moment but said , he was delighted to give his vacant house which was adjoined to his house on rent t.
There was something that made me have an instant affection to this man, maybe I saw my grandfather in him. The way he dressed himself, the purity in the English he spoke all reminded me of my grandfather who had passed away for a year then. This man was fondly respected by all as annaya, “Joseph Annaya”. His wife Philomena , sons , daughters, grandchildren… all god fearing people. It is now going to be a good 8 years we have come to this place. Sometimes, we both wonder , why have we not moved… what has made us stay here… maybe it was his affection always made us feel so comfortable and made us reluctant to move....

Even my daughter is so attached to them that every evening it is her playtime in their portico. All our communication address always bore “C/O Joseph Annaya” Coz he used to collect our posts to ensure it is not lost. Who would do it from today…..

He reached the arms of Jesus peacefully today morning while he was doing his morning walk in the portico. His face was the most peaceful as though he had embraced death with joy

Last Sunday he celebrated his 53 wedding anniversary in the church, and today we are in the church mass praying for “his soul to rest in peace” . He set set out on his Last Journey today to enjoy heavenly bliss forever
Death is the most difficult to accept and the cruelest of them all.
But guess it is because of death, we release what is Love.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


It has been over 5 months that i have now been blogging and i am quiet delighted to see that i have been able to put up 25 posts...filled with poems, daily doze and even some rubbish if you have noticed....
Generally one would want to read another person's blog if it has some learning , information which would be useful... but my blog is so full of me... actually it could have been called
"me... myself and ...krupa".
I guess over time when i can impart some good learning ..will surely put it up... but till then don't stop reading....
i usually keep every saturday night as a time to make my draft or put up my post...
but last few days i am just not able to find the time for any creativity in me.....
Guess the kind of work at office i am doing now..has made my brain feel more robotic that i dont seem to find my creative space....

Kind of wondering if my blog was getting jinxed@25... so just to break that i am putting up this one...

Good night.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

VI Thinking Hat's

I was going thru Google today to understand about what is “six thinking hats”, it is supposed to be a very effective management technique in decision making…

I could see that there were several colors of hats and each on had a particular attribute to it….such as
White hat- to understand what we have, factual data and trying to see if we understand that fully or are there any gaps
Red hat- looking at a decision using intuition.. emotions…
Blackhat- look at things pessimistically, be defensive
Yellow hat- look at things positively
Green hat- looking at decisions making creatively, come up with creative thoughts to handle
Blue hat- managing the whole process… taking control of the process rather…

This is supposed to be invented by Edward De Bono in the 1980’s… But when I read thru this… maybe this is one simple technique that he must have got inspired seeing his mother at home…. Coz I guess every woman ( men no offences here please) while running her home… runs it with this technique, except she does not know which hat she is wearing.. and when…

I am quite impressed by the way he has put this technique in a simple but effective manner.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Silent Bird sings a million songs!!!!!

I guess i would leave this space... with more silence..... so a million thoughts could roll .....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rainy Ride

Yesterday , was friday and i decided to leave office a little early since i had been out late the previous evening ... when i looked out of the office window, i could see it was pouring crazy.... and it looked evident that the rain would not stop for the next few hours. I had for a change come to office on my bike...

I decided I would take the risk and start of on the journey home, being fully sure that i would be a wet kitten , by the time i got home. I wore my jacket, kicked off from the basement and Zoom was on the road.... there was no much traffic at all since it was raining mad. The ride from manipal hospital to command hospital was almost on a dead road... infact what pleasure.... rain was pouring like crazy hitting me on my face... it felt some movie style .. so i decided to even hummmmm and feel very lively about the whole thing, until suddenly my bike skid and the way i just controlled the bike was very movie style ,, but it was sheer fluke ...
I was kind of nervous all the way home and quiet serious also, till i saw a garbage collecting van at the signal....His unique way of asking people to maintain distance was really hillarious.. He had a big saying put up at the back of the van.... any guesses...

" Please don't kiss me Sir" with a design of a hand beside it...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Silent Whispers

Cloudy Morning
Sun hidden behind the clouds
Silence at the churchyard
And whispers not loud
A soul is being laid to rest
A life lived to its best

A life that has gone by
Thru happiness and sorrow
A life lived to its fullest
With nothing more the borrow

Seeing the sunset and the moonrise
Dusty road and the countryside
The ups and downs
A roller coaster ride

Learning and growing
Wrinkles on the skin
A time for silent prayer
To whip all our sins.

This is a poem that I dedicate to my beloved father who left earth to move to a more peaceful place in heaven on this day 13 years ago.. Be it 13 or 30 years, the hollow in the heart missing him would always be there.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Old Scribbling

A Day has gone by
With the killing heat
And the very thought
You’re not in your seat
No Call for coffee
No mail for lunch
No buzz at teatime
And the wink for munch
All seemed so dull
With a sudden lull
Friend, you’re the very essence
That makes the difference
By your very presence
Spreading the fragrance
Of happiness among us

I was trying to clean up all my old mails and i got this one, that i wrote , for a very good friend of mine... long time ago...

Guess without friends, we would all be half dead in our lives!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fiercely Independent

Every Saturday, as a general practice in the name of god, i have a meal just once a day.

Saturday evenings are meant to have snacks and with this, gives an opportunity to explore different joints selling something veggie
For this VV puram, near Sajjan Rao circle has been my favourite venue since I was 14 years old. This is one famous road, that has so many roadside carts, shops…. that sell variety of foods, from puttu, puligare, bajji, obbattu, badam milk, dosa, idli…. Akki roti, just name it and you have it.
Over the years, each time I have visited I have observed that the road has gone thru its changes. Some cart guys just vanished, while some cart guys are now shop owners. New shops have come up and variety too, many competitors have grown and the place now is extremely crowded on a Saturday that I visit.
Since my last 3 odd visits, I have observed a couple, may be in their 70’s have set up their cart. During the 1st visit, they were only selling a few fried items, like chakli, nippotu. Very few or no customers were going to them and the man used to just sit on the platform unable to stand. This time when I visited, they had started few more things like behl puri, tomato slice, mango mix…. They had come up with some quickies which was now beginning to sell quiet fast. The old man seemed more energetic, grating the carrots and cutting the tomatoes at jiffy speed and his wife was equally quick taking orders. I could see a spark in their eyes even at that age.
Something that said they wanted to be fiercely independent whether it was at their will or the society had caused grief. But their faces just beamed with will power to face anything. It surely requires lot of energy and will power to stand that long on the road and cater to customers. I felt a lot of positive energy when I saw them and in that sheer feeling ended up eating a bhel puri and a tomato slice… and had a filling Saturday snack

Hats off to that couple!!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

House on the Highway

Rain Drops falling on my roof,
Looking at it I stood aloof

Deserted highway
And silence around
Just the rain And I were bound

Listening to the falling drops
for hours I stood,
Singing tunes only I understood

The trees were drenched
Their thirst was quenched
The leaves began to Swing
And the flowers seemed to sing

Dancing in the rain
Feeling life so full
Fresh thoughts in my mind
Oh! Life is wonderful

Friday, May 2, 2008

50 years to 669,

April 30th marked a very memorable event for me, when my ajji’s house celebrated its 50 years….. The house has stood the test of time against all weathers.

My Ajja used to say that in 1958 when he built the house in Rajajinagar , bhashyam circle main road , there was only paddy fields all around and the only school out was in malleswaram , that was a good 5 km walk which my mom and her siblings would do to go to school. Today after 50 years it is one among the 5-6 houses that stands on the main road against the stiff walls of all the complexes and shopping centres.

Despite all that traffic when I still enter that gate which has two coconut trees as welcome pillars and the gate makes a loud squeaky noise , which is as good as a calling bell…. And my Ajji walking slowly, feebly towards the door to open it with a smile on her face. The truth is there is still some serenity which I can just feel and be happy. The backyard still remains calm to my ears and looks beautiful with different trees from plantain , mango, curry leaves, neem, to name a few and a huge Tulasi ( Basil plant) which has a lovely “ Brindavan”

The house has seen Three generations grow, 6 children, 12 grand children and 3 great grand children apart from many cousins who grew here. I still remember my Ajji making me sit on the compound wall and show me the moon while she fed me curd rice, may be I was just over 3 years, now it is my turn where I make my daughter sit on the compound to give her curd rice…not showing her the moon coz it seems lost in the traffic smoke

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Namaskaar, Vivid Bharati akashvaani mein aapka swagat hai

Isn't that a line so common that you have heard for many years now.....

Well Last few years with the boom in IT, we have simultaneously seen the burst of so many radio channels, infact my car has an old deck which can accommodate just 6 channels and now we have more than 11 channels in Bangalore.
Each channel you swap you get to hear the same blabber of the RJ’s. Same songs…
When it all began it sounded refreshing with a new look approach, but over a period the charm just faded away for me. But there is one channel that I have been hearing since my childhood and it is still refreshing each time I hear. I don’t think there are any guesses, we all know it is Vivid Bharati 102.9 Mhz fm, as we all know it.
When I just sit down to think why do I still love this channel, I think it is because of the variety it has. Even the RJ’s are so polished and the quality of which ever language they speak be it kannada, hindi or English is really good. They really command respect on air. The programs they cover, with early morning Devotional songs, then followed by news, bhavageetes, Nandana or be it the national programs such as Bhule Bisre Geet, Aapki Farmaaish. They are so nice. Reading letters of people from far of unheard villages, requests from Soldiers. The ads they publish, be it an awareness on a disease, or other old brands of dabur lal dantamajan, or your golden silks and sarees,,,, all still remains the old era type,,,, but I am still fond of it. Though this has been there for years, still it has its freshness to it. It does have some programs still which are boring, but all in all it makes up for the defects
Over a period this channel has also gone thru its share of transformation to survive amidst its private challengers who can do anything to get their market share of audience by giving expensive prizes , having live chats at eateries , road side, just anything.
Vivid Bharati still remains conservative to an extent when compared to other channels but that is what I guess I like and am sure this is one undebated channel that is liked by generations.
Apart from this I used to also like “ Ceylon Radio’. Maybe I now need to buy a world space to catch up with this channel. The numbers they played were classics.
This year Vivid Bharati is celebrating ‘ SWARNA JAYANTHI” “ golden Jubilee “

I do hope this one radio channel continues till eternity…. !!!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Seeing the Diva!!!!!

How does it feel to see a person whom you have been almost worshipping from your childhood stands BANG!!!! in front of you…. I can’t even find a superlative adjective to express that.

8th April, flight to Chennai on my usual trip, everything seemed the same, just that for once I requested at the counter to give me the first row in the economy class, the attendant said that all the aisle and window was booked and just one middle seat was left,
Something made me say , ok to it , well knowing the fact that I did not know who my neighbours would be. While going thru the security check I saw suddenly there was this air filled with , “ look who is there” kind of smell, everyone seemed to turn back, turn again, give smiles to someone who was dressed in White dhoti, white kurta and white chappal, all in all white, I was seated at the lounge and a huge pillar was obstructing my view, thought must be someone , but did not really want to get up, and make it obvious that I wanted to see him. The curiosity cat in me was still uneasy and was urging me to go and take a peep. Somehow controlled, the boarding call was announced and I moved with the normal procedure. I sat at my seat with two equally plumpy people next to me. Was quiet uncomfortable, but soon fell asleep as I had just taken a heavy doze of benedryl in the night due to cough. The attendant woke me up to have some cookie and tea. I asked her for some tea and from my seat , thru the curtain in the business class I could see this All white man there, again all acting very nice all smiles, who is this guy was my question again, I could only see his right hand and his dhoti, not even his head.
Finally we landed and while we were coming down thru the escalator, I could see this man from a side posture, one look and I knew … it was “ YESUDAS” . The diva whose voice has mesmerized thousands of people for decades. The jet airways authorities were giving him the special treatment which was evident. On the way there were several strangers who just came upto him, shook hands, took blessings. I suddenly felt very shy as he was now standing right in front of me at the exit and I did not know what to do. I had the automatic smile on my face that was beaming, he saw me and smiled the typical celebrity way…. But that’s good enough. Does this man know that the woman who stood in front of him is crazy about his voice, songs... and her ipod which was in her hand had only his songs predominantly….. no, he has no clue, but who cares… my trip was made

Monday, March 31, 2008


This blog is not for veggie ‘s……….

Fishland is a very old hotel in Majestic that has been satisfying the appetite for fish and other seafood to thousands of people for the last 3-4 decades. Its not a hotel with some great ambience etc, Simple wooden table, fixed chairs, old small usha fans and a traditional lord balaji’s photo welcomes you at the entrance. This place is diagonally opposite to Kamat Yatri nivas and to be more precise it is a hotel adjoining “ STATUS BAR & RESTAURANT” .

Vinayak has been a regular customer to this hotel from his very early days in Bangalore. When we got married he took me to this place. And my first impression of it - dingy, shady and somehow I felt very uncomfortable. But managed to go up, and order for food. And now its been over 8 years that I have been going to this place atleast 2 Sundays a month.

I was sitting there yesterday and relishing fish and was just wondering what’s in this place that looked so dingy to me once seems one of the best restaurants now. It’s the fish that is cooked here, that I get a taste no where else. The menu card has no extra ordinary items but is just printed on a single sheet that is laminated. Infact the waiters are the same with no change. The moment we go, the welcome we receive as though we are their lifetime members is something that feels nice, the extra care and they get our first item even without our ordering as they know it by heart. I am sure this is something I would never get elsewhere.

The Fish fry, mangalore style curry are something’s worth eating apart from their other sea food delicacies I believe, but I have never tasted the others as I am just a fishiterian!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Biligiri Rangana Betta ( BR Hills)

Biligiri Rangaiah, neene helaiah

Ranganayakiya chandulli chaluvaiah…

( Oh! Lord of the Biligiri hills, you tell me , Oh handsome charmer of Goddess Ranganayaki)....

This is a famous song from the movie “ sharapanjara” released in the mid 70’s , directed by non other than the great director Puttana Kanagal and enacted by the Queen of kannada movies of the 70’s Kalpana

Well, I used to hear this song many a times and see the beauty of BR hills in the Eastman colour movie…and it looked beautiful on screen and when I visited this place for the first time last week, I knew why the song was made that way… coz this place deserves those very words

It was a three day trip to BR hills, pouring weather, ,managed to get a govt guest house on a hill top, and what more it was just living in heaven, walk in the clouds…

This place is absolutely non commercialized and therefore the beauty is still intact.
Jungle lodges is the only resort as such which is located in K Gudi, 20kms from where we stayed on BR hills and apart from that it is only the various govt guest houses such as PWD, Forest Officer’s guest house,. Tribals are the population around and growing medicinal plants is one key occupation in this place. There is the famous biligiri Ranganatha Swamy temple which is the peak point of this place and named after him. An ancient temple not very big, but well placed on the hillock.
We were not able to spot animals, coz it was just pouring due to the cyclone effect in the BAY… but that weather made it more memorable of that place.

We spotted so many birds, few of which I don’t even know their names. An absolute visual treat.

Hey and after all this, while coming down the hill, we had Mr Rahul Gandhi climb up the hill. What security ,,,,, 8 cars and his SUV in the middle zooming up the hill. We also saw his helicopter later in a school premise in Kollegal...

Some tips
How to reach there - We took the route via maddur- kollegal- yelladur and BR Hills

This was just about 188 kms from my place in rajajinagar. The roads are not great, but you can manage.

If you are lucky , it is best to call the Aranya bhavan in chamarajanagar and see if rooms are available. The contact number is 08226222059.

below is the link where i have loaded some snaps.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't have a reason

There are days while you just begin to think of the few good people you have known and what is it that they have value added in your life, work and society... today is one of those days for me, while i just sit to recollect those few good souls who have been a part of my past& present ... future is a ?... as i do not know what future holds for me...

Don’t have a reason
Do I need a reason anyway!
Difficult to express,
Wished things stayed this way

Little known is the fact,
That I began to realize,
There are only a few good souls
And the rest, a disguise

It’s a magical world,
And the magicians rule
Some are really humble
And few are really cruel

Angels I have known
And whom I Respect
Their sense and simplicity
Casting an impeccable effect

Its not just a poem
That I am trying to rhyme,
But a simple truth
That’s stood the test of time!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

ride on victoria road

I am still not able to sit properly while I sit infront of my laptop to check my mails
Today I decided to take my bike “ Suzuki access” to the office instead of my car…
The reason was to reach home earlier as I had to catch up with a few things at home.
I left office at 6.00 and my journey started from airport road..I decided not to take the MG road route, coz work near the winsor manor bridge has caused too much traffic..
So I decided to take the Victoria road ( where lifestyle is located) and reach home….
Victoria,… the name sounds so royal.. but what a ride….and what a feeling…
I suddenly started feeling like Queen Victoria, on a bumpy horse on a dingy road…
All my muscles and bones have had a nice massage.. the effect may live for a few more days..

Now I need to figure out no MG road, no Victoria road, no majestic…. No sampige road. How do I reach home….

May be I got to sign up for a helicopter – service 

Air JAM would be happening next!!!! Watch out

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

change is only constant....

Change is only constant,
Though this is not instant
I feel reluctant, even hesitant
But the truth is
Change is only constant

Fear on my mind
For reasons unknown
Is this my imagination?
That has just grown

Mind that bothers
Over little things
Feeling the weather
As though it stings

Thinking alone,
I began to realize
Acceptance to change
May be a blessing in disguise….

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I ran many miles
Wanted to rest a while.
But at the midst of the desert,
And the sun shining bright.

Looking at a distance,
Searching for shelter,
There was only cactus
And cursing weather.

I headed towards the pyramids
Just like the Alchemist.
Not for the treasure.
But searching....the meaning of life and its pleasure.

Desert is like our life.
Cactus, the milestones,
We, the gift of god
Fighting against the dunes
And the pyramids...
The final attainment of life with its tunes

Sunday, March 2, 2008

treadmill .....

It has been over two months that a treadmill has landed in my house…

This has been primarily got, with an attempt to reduce my day by day overgrowing weight. The first two days that it was got… an excitement to get started or rather overdo…

Post that it was more “ law of diminishing marginal utility”. It all started with everyday 1 hour, then 30 min alternate days and then by the third week, it had vanished…

Vinayak had been using it regularly but for the last few weeks, he has been travelling .

I have many people at home who have tried to put in “ weight fear” into me.. they have tried hard by constant pushing , comparing … pinching and poking… and finally pleading ...and looks like I may oblige them…

The look of the treadmill also seems to say… “krups pls don’t use me like a towel hanger, Please use me for what I am”… please please…

I hope to get up tomorrow that is 3rd march...and get started … hoping this time there would be no other theory acting on me... :-)

technology tantrums

We just subscribed for the Harvard business review annual subscription and with that we received an apple ipod nano FREE!!!!
I am not a very technology savvy person and patience in me to read detailed manuals is less….well I can say “ not in history” but….. On a Saturday night, while I did not get sleep, I decided to get my nano started with all my favorite numbers,…
I began following instructions and downloaded the itunes…but somehow the installation never got completed… I wondered why… read the manual online again…
Spent at least 1 hour installing /reinstalling and de-installing the whole thing…
Then I began to look thru the website very keenly and saw a tutorial and in that when I clicked there was a video tutorial on how to install…. And guess what…. I had not mentioned my mail id at the rock bottom of the site before I began installing….
The system did neither stop me...nor warn me…. So why these tantrums on poor souls like me

After 2 hours of juggling.. I have successfully put my playlist in place and am listening to my favorite song….The joy of finally having done it on my own….after having taken all techno tantrums… is cool…..

“ the Kick is different” … hey check out the time is already half past mid night....

Friday, February 29, 2008


He taught me to walk,
My first step of Life.
He made me speak,
Wonderfully to life.

He’s seen me happy,
He’s seen me Cry,
He’s seen me grow,
He’s seen me try.

Spirit of my success
Mentor of my failures,
Teaching me the art
Of living life...

The strength behind us,
Helping us rise..
The very energy
That kept us tied

Being with me in bad weather,
Teaching me not to bother,
Makes me proud,
I love you father.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

King of melodies...

Since the last few weeks, I have encouraged myself to ensure and find time to listen to music before I go to sleep.
It has been over 2 years, since my very life style has changed, thanks to my sweetie . My life and my time is more controlled by her and her wants.

But so far the last few weeks have been going good, finding enough time after I put her to sleep. My love for music is more for anything that is melodious.... In this my favorite are mid 70's-80's tamil songs.... since my childhood I have a strong liking for Tamil , though kannada is my mother tongue. I have managed to learn and speak the language without either been living in Tamil Nadu or taking any classes.

My strong love for this language all started with a love while hearing tamil songs of Illayaraja. I wonder how this man could churn melody with each song he was more like each fruit was juicer than the previous one It was always getting better than the best. There was no law of " diminishing marginal utility" at all... it was always... the other way

My perosnal favourites are almost all songs of Mohan movies…. which has Yesudas singing for it….I feel very happy, light and relaxed while I listen to these many…sweet numbers.

These songs are amazing “de” stressors’… try them, if you have read this :-)

Man and the machine!!!!

Waking in the Morning,
Looking at the clock
Ten minutes to eight,
Got up in a shock.

Another day to start
Beginning to run.
Rushing to the office,
Loads of work to be done.

Forgotten ..Chirping of the Sparrows,
Just driving fast on the roads narrow.
Overtaking my comrades,
And not looking back.

Standing at the signal
Waiting for the go,
Felt like a Marathon

Felt at office just on time
But its already half past nine...
Now begins the routine...
Man and the Machine!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ajji mane ( granny's house)

Since the death of my father in 95, we moved to my grand parents place and was living there till i got married. For me Ajji mane, is a house that is filled with many memories....

It is located in a most commercial place close to ESI in Rajajinagar. My ajja used to say that 50 years ago when he built the house, there were only paddy fields.... and today it is only shopping centres, there are just few houses. may be just 3 spared on this main road, one is ours and other is our opposite neighbours.....

The best part of this house is that though there is so much traffic outside, the backyard is pleasant and peaceful, because of all the trees we have. Backyard of my ajji's house has so much memory for me, where i have spent many playful days with my ajja, whom i loved the most. He lived till he was 90. I remember me giving him a shave as his hands used to shiver at the backyard with a medium sized hand mirror for him to check if it was looking fine., applying coconut oil to his body as his body would get very dry.... , watering all the plants.... trimming the grass.... , they just bring fresh memories even while i am writing this blog. We had many trees such as papaya, coconut, banana plant, curry leaves, neem , cotton plant to name a few. and flowers such as kanakambara, jasmine, spatika.....and off course not to forget the PAN leaves... they huge brindavan that was desinged to hold many little lamps that could be protected from rain, sun or the wind.... . My ajja was very fond of papaya and therefore we had 4 trees that would ripen each time to give its best.... i never tried it coz i somehow just dont like that fruit... . The tragedy was when my ajja died, just within a span of few months all the 4 trees perished, they just fell off or simply rotted... guess they were equally attached to my ajja.
now its been over 7 years since i moved out of my ajji's house and it has been a while since i peeped into the backyard... but my mom used to give me updates as to what is the new thing there. She had told me of a mango tree that had sudden begin to grow , no one had done any serious planting... but then yesterday she got the first fruit home... when i saw that " mavina kayi" I was amazed.... had time really flown that fast that a small plant is now a big tree with fruits.... My ajji now lives alone in that house and i ensure i keep visiting her. But i am really not able to spend that leisure time that i used to with her like before, due to all the hectice lifestyle... which is not god created but self created.

When i saw that mango, lot of emotions went thru me, i felt very guilty that i have not been able to be with her or spend the time... and today while i eat the " mavinakayi gojju" ( mango tangy curry) i promise myself to be this weekend with my ajji....

I love you ajji and ajja,,,,,

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not now....

While i was on leave on thursday to do baby sitting... i got an apportunity to really feel my daughter mansi's picking up vocabulary.

She has taken more time to utter her first few words than other kids since she has been living in a house of noise.. where there is clash of hindi, english ..kannada and if need be Telegu.
i just wonder sometimes how that little thing must be feeling and learning everything at the same time...
I told her lets go to school... and she came spank with a reply " abhi Beda"....

are you wondering what that means , that means " not now" Abhi in Hindi and Beda in kannada.

I was stunned but controlled myself asked her why " not now" she then said " aache hot"

aache means " outside "in kannada. I just stood for a while to digest what i heard, though it was a good entertainment for us to hear that sweet voice being multi lingual, it also made me applaud her effort to start talking using all these lingual tools she had been gifted by the entire family..:-)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Music Playing on the Radio
With my favourite song,
Ther's candle light
And feelings strong

Come lets dance tonight
Feeling our souls alive
I want to dance tonight
I want to feel divine

Life is short they say
Lets make it a fairy tale
In this short life time
I want you to be mine

Come lets dance tonight
Feeling our souls alive
I want to dance tonight
I want to feel divine

Swinging with the moods of wind
Setting our toes free
Its the right time you see
To just feel heaven thee....

Come lets dance tonight
Feeling our souls alive
I want to dance tonight
I want to feel divine

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Few good men

Today morning while i was driving to office, my mobile rang, could not pick up the call as i was in the traffic signal and the police stood next to my car, it was a call from nirmala and then in a min, it was paddy calling. When i saw the missed calls, my heart beats were fast, and i knew that the worst that i was expecting, was now a reality. Daniel a close colleague - Manager had slipped into coma due to brain fever was now dead.

He is among those few good men I have known. A happy family man, a great guide to look up to and a wonderful friend. His simple behaviour and friendliness was the reason, that he had many look upto him.

I worked with him at HCL (then DSL) and at Misys.

I had attended two send off parties of Dan, One at HCL and the other at Misys. Infact my ex-HR Ajit at Misys had passed a joke telling Daniel not to take me to his next company to attend is third send off party.

Today I am going to see Daniel for a final send off. Its so hard to believe, but the truth is always harsh.

Finally when I see this day , a thought really comes to my mind... what are we really running after.... a person today is no longer tomorrow if destiny calls.

I sincerely pray to god that he gives the strength to Daniel's family to overcome this moment of grief.