Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Escapade again

Well its been sometime that I have really put something up on my blog, I have been wanting to but somehow…. Have not been able to make it….
During the week of Christmas, we planned a weekend getaway,,, just planned instant and set off to chikkamagaluru… the most beautiful place that I have ever been to.
We went to chikka magaluru in flat 5 hours… thanks to my zoomy driving,,, ( all praises to myself) which I will let u know how it was put to test the very next day,,,,
We decided to go to Mulyangiri… ….guys you reading this blog, sure know this place.. we all had been there on 25th june 2003, guess I can never forget it…. Below is a link of one of the blogs that Naresh had written of that place, most explicit, so I will want you to read that….

And I was there bang on 27th dec 2008, a good 5 + years, I decided to drive the ghat section, we went to Sitalyangiri the point which comes before mullayangiri, we wanted to halt, then we saw a board that read Mullayangiri 2 Kms, so I told vinayak, lets just drive up… the first one km was cool, good road, though narrow and then came the shock of my life, which I had never expected…. We reached a point where further I could see no road.. there was a narrow mud path and with no protection on the edge, one slip and bang you just go down few thousand feet…. . I could see no place to take reverse, just too narrow for it.,,, two vehicles came behind me, the tougher ones, like trax and sumo’s…. what do I do, like a normal amateur I got all nervous, then vinayak wanted to take over but he could not open the door on the other side as we were just close to the rocks, and neither was I ready to give up,
I just mustered my courage parked my vehicle to the edge and allowed the other vehicle to pass. Saw the way they drove and just began to follow… first gear…. Full throttle , crossed that patch and then another surprise waited . the road ahead was just at a 60 degree inclination…. This time legs began to tremble… but inner voice,,, telling me I could do it .. just went on and crossed that patch to finally reach a small flat surface where these few vehicles were parked … when I got down from the vehicle all the drivers were kind of giving me that look “ hey look, a woman driving on this patch” .. can you imagine what a boost it gave my ego, despite all the shivering and trembling in the leg, which took me some time to feel normal, then we climbed the hill to the temple of lord shiva, 700+ steps which my daughter climbed on her own…
I still remember we had stayed in the temple that rainy , stormy night and we had not taken these easy steps… but we took the famous “Sarpa Daari”,,,,,
I still remember, Naresh, ram, murali, sandeep, pulla, deepa, keshav, mukesh ……what a time that was,…
Probably one of the best treks of my life.. I had also scribbled a poem on that…, will share in my next blog

Really miss you all… and those series of treks we went from DSL….
Kudos to Naresh and Ram for being those fundoo organizers…..