Saturday, June 19, 2010

Plaza Theatre – Royalty to Ruins and now mere dust…

I may probably be one of the last bangaloreans who may be writing or talking about the saga of the Plaza theatre. I can’t help but write this today, to bring out the emotions in me that has just gushed … more like a sudden death that I have just seen.
For the last couple of years Plaza theatre has been shut down but the building stood as it was with the gates locked… but today when I went on to MG road, I was just struck with a shock. There was no building there. All reduced to mere dust.
I m probably one of the younger generations to have enjoyed movies at the plaza … it has been the place where our forefathers have been to watch movies. A theatre built with a lot of taste. There have been great plays that have been showcased in this truly “heritage spot” if I can say.
I have watched so many beautiful movies and the last one that I watched was “ Ek din Chaubis Ghante” …God you would have not even heard this movie as it would have ran probably for 1 day . May be few days.
It was a movie of Nandita Das in the very early stage of her acting days and it was just me, Ram, Murali and Vinayak in the ground floor, and few couples seated in some extreme corners….
We had a ball of a time watching that movie, and analyzing actually what the story was….
The bhelpuri guy outside the cinema hall used to make some amazing stuff and the corn guy was always there with some nice tender corn…
Infact there was a watch shop and a saree shop attached, from where I had even bought a saree that I still have.
I have just pulled this link from Wikipedia if you really want to know about this place.

Bangalore has seen the death of so many such landmarks, Galaxy, Lido, Symphony( Shankarnag theatre) and now Plaza…
Lido is now in its new avatar, symphony ….building still stands and above that is our good , old Ullas hotel ( touchwood, I hope this building remains as it is) … Galaxy .,… wondering what will come up there as that place is also mere dust now and fully covered so when you cross you just can’t see what’s happening.
All these deaths in the name of urbanization. Truly tragic

Sunday, June 6, 2010

monsoons are on their way

Rains are expected to hit in full swing from tomorrow .

While i am writing this , its already started drizzling..:-)

Hoping for more respite from the afternoon heat...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

amazing technology

I am currently at the airport waiting for my flight back to bangalore . Flight is late for some good reason , finished reading the newspaper fully . Was wondering how to time pass. I haven't really used the internet on my mobile at all apart from downloading my mails into my pandora's box...oops mailbox . Just opened it, tried browsing thru, its pretty fast huh. typing is a bit of a pain though as the screen is tiny and so are the butttons. But for now, to kill time , its discovery . This technology is really amazing for tribals like me. Ok for now the short craze is over as my fingers are paining hitting those tiny buttons pain