Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crazy Wonders

Well you may think I have gone suddenly psyched with NICE road. But you know its just matter of Monday I put those snaps.. check these which I took on Tuesday.
Nature’s crazy wonders.
The sky was just painted by the Sun and the Clouds.

Also I suddenly saw a hi-tech Shepherd … cowboy what ever you may call.
He is on his Hero Honda and chasing his cattle and sheep . I tried taking a snap … not sure if that is clear. ( the first snap )
But I guess on these HiTech Roads you also need to get Hitech.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Drive on NICE Road

If you are a Bangalorean then NICE road is not uncommon.
NICE ( Nandi infrastructure Corridor enterprises) if I m right !!!!
This is the outer most ring road that connects up tumkur road to Hosur Road. A solid 51 kms drive.And I happen to be one of the lucky ones who often take this road just to reach my office at a reasonable time and ofcourse at a solid toll cost every day.
As I told you yesterday , its been pouring and today morning also was the same. It kept on drizzling and I as usual got on to NICE road to get to office after a good week long break.
What a sight I saw. Amazing!!!!
There was thick fog, mist all over. Infact the road clearance was visible only for a few feet in front of us. It was just like a hill station and the air was just too chill.
The sight really really delighted me. I took some snaps as you see….
That 45 min of drive was really memorable today. :-)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dull Day

No Sunshine, no Rays
Just the clouds and rainy days
Pouring and pouring there seems no stop
Making it a dull day
I remembered the good old rhyme
Rain rain go away
Come again some other day.

Its been pouring for the last 3 days. Diwali has been quiet dampy this time. It actually feels like evening 6, but its just 2.45 in the afternoon. Not even getting sleep. I guess we all in Bangalore desperately need some sunshine.

Hope tomorrow is bright day

Friday, November 5, 2010

In Search of Laai & Batasha.

Ok does it sound like a story to you , well actually it can be narrated that way.
Today morning was that very special morning which comes every year in everyone’s life. The day of Diwali. Time to shop, eat, pray , love ( sounds like that new movie) but yes that is what we all do.
So just like each year, this year also me and vinayak set out to do our shopping for the very basics such as flowers, fruits, Laai& batasha( the prasad that is usually given during the festival after Lakshmi Pooja).( puffed rice and Sugar candy in circular shape)
We went to our good old Yeshwantpur market.. and lo do you have the space to even walk. The place was just bustling with business , the dampness every where with the rain. The bidding prices of the flowers , the heavy bargaining going on. It actually was great fun. Just in the middle of that place I stood to think, why do I love this old city so much.
Simple….. you don’t get to see this in the other side of the concrete jungle.
Your flamboyant cars have no value here, infact they just can’t enter this place.
You need to be on Nataraja service ( I mean walking) , your cycle or max your bike …:-)
Your platinum and Titanium cards are worthy to be put in the dustbin. Cash and Carry :-)
The whole market is so colourful. Ok coming back to Lai and Batasha…. This time for some reason Lai was not to be found in a few common places where we used to go, they ran out of stock. Each guy started to show us the next shop, next lane, next road to go and check if they would have. In this bargain I actually took a full view of the market. Right from the road that sold only fish , to the street that just sold flowers and fruits…. I have never seen this place fully in my life….
Finally there was just one shop who just had a handful of Lai … and I guess I need to thank my stars for that.
I was so thrilled with the happenings around, I just took a few snaps… thanks to technology. :-) as always.

By the way I saw blue, green and purple roses… have you seen it before… amazing,.