Thursday, January 24, 2008

Few good men

Today morning while i was driving to office, my mobile rang, could not pick up the call as i was in the traffic signal and the police stood next to my car, it was a call from nirmala and then in a min, it was paddy calling. When i saw the missed calls, my heart beats were fast, and i knew that the worst that i was expecting, was now a reality. Daniel a close colleague - Manager had slipped into coma due to brain fever was now dead.

He is among those few good men I have known. A happy family man, a great guide to look up to and a wonderful friend. His simple behaviour and friendliness was the reason, that he had many look upto him.

I worked with him at HCL (then DSL) and at Misys.

I had attended two send off parties of Dan, One at HCL and the other at Misys. Infact my ex-HR Ajit at Misys had passed a joke telling Daniel not to take me to his next company to attend is third send off party.

Today I am going to see Daniel for a final send off. Its so hard to believe, but the truth is always harsh.

Finally when I see this day , a thought really comes to my mind... what are we really running after.... a person today is no longer tomorrow if destiny calls.

I sincerely pray to god that he gives the strength to Daniel's family to overcome this moment of grief.