Monday, May 24, 2010

Kites ------ flying high

Kites movie released in bangalore with a lot of unecessary hungama.
We got our tickets for the first day first show, doubtful if the movie was on, finally went up to the cinema hall. And bang in the intermission, comes a message
sorry for the incovenience , collect ur refund. the first half of the movie has been narrated in a very abrupt manner, unfortunately, missed the second half.

A kind of irritation of not knowing the full story, made me go to the cimema hall, closer to home to pick up the next day ticket. Its pouring like crazy, but nothing can deterr as i just want to see the whole movie and be done with it. that day morning, i glanced thru the various reviews in TOI and deccan, each quiet contradictory to each other.

Got into the theatre for the last show on Sunday
LEt me tell you , Hritik is awesome. I mean he is just too perfect to be a hero.
Barbara Mori... oops, she is just too beautiful, simple, zero makeup...
both of them make a deadly pair... the story is very intense and has been narrated very very intelligently. You just need to be smart enough to follow the trail.

A few hiccups are there, but is definitely worth the watch. Songs are really really nice. Dont know why these reviews misleed people. anyways thats their personal opinion , but I even got the CD.
Planning to catch up for another show over this weekend, if the movie survives the theatres till then.

Go watch it... i liked it. :-)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The last few mangoes

Every year come summer , it was time for me to harp into my Ajji Mane Hithlu
( granny’s house backyard) to check out the mangoes. This tree was never a planned planted one. It happened to germinate on its own ,,, and just that my ajji started giving it the required water day after day.
In one of my write ups last year also , I had shared the photos of those yummy mangoes.
This year too the mangoes have ripened but only the lady who took care of them is no more and the house remains silent with no one there, I went to the silent house, opened the door headed straight to the backyard just as I did year after year and there were the mangoes, infact more mangoes than last year , all just hanging there for someone to come and pluck them. I did all the circus along with my mother to lay my hands on as much as I could get and have got them home.
I want to savor it as I know these would probably be the last few mangoes from my Ajji Mane.

Life is pretty miserable, all of us go thru this at some point, but somehow it gets really hard and choking to digest the very fact that there is a huge vacuum when your loved one leaves you.

I love your ajji and will always …

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some good things never change.

Just a few days ago, I scribbled on April showers… well I just wanted to reiterate that some good things never change like the rains in Bangalore. Once the temperature gets soaring… rains are bound to pour . Just today, the temperature was making us feel the scorching heat and suddenly in the evening, the weather changed all of a sudden with a hailstorm and then a heavy downpour. It just felt so amazing and all of you completely agree with me I am sure. Just a video I took on my mobile.
I cross my fingers, that this continues till eternity.

Morning Madhumakkhi ( honey bee)

It was morning 4.30 AM and I m getting ready to go to the airport to take the flight. All at home are fast asleep and my mom gets up to make me some tea before I leave. I open the balcony door to let some cool breeze entre the house. Along with the cool breeze enters Mr. Madhumakkhi too. He is in one of those jolly moods and he starts hovering around in the house. My mother comes out of the kitchen and looks at this guy and is worried if it would do any nuisance to my daughter. So she takes preventive steps, gets the broom and asks me to chase it out without killing it. The task looks easy and I take the broom and get after it…. Well I started climbing up the sofa to chase it away from the lights, it jumps and goes bang down under the couch, where I bend in full zoom to push it out from there. It is then in a mood to go over the TV and then the speakers and the paintings on the wall. I am now irritated that despite my attempt of almost 5 minutes, he is not ready to budge and had decided to test my patience and energy levels and along with my ongoing drama my mother goes on giving instructions on how to attack and the strategies to have it out. I finally had to show that the (evil)man was more powerful but after a good 20 minutes, sweating me out and leaving me with a bad arm pain.
Imagine what one madhumakkhi could do if it decided to teach me a lesson every day ….and see me slimmer 