Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mobile - RIP

My mobile had just died and had gone for a replacement. I was assured the new mobile would arrive in the next 2 days time and a spare mobile was at home. So effectively for the next 2 hours or so I was all alone. Slowly the realisation began to sink into me that I was all alone. The gadget that is stuck to many a lives when we are awake was not around. Not that I take calls 24/7 but my mobile has so far never been on a switched off mode.
Began to feel really hungry and walked across to a nearby KFC store. Got myself a meal and sat down at a corner window that gave me a good view of MG Road. In a span of over 20 minutes I sat to observe the passers by as I began to eat my food. I would have probably seen around 90- 100 people criss cross the junction and atleast 70% of them had stuck their mobile to their ears. Some smiling as they walked and some with a frawny face and a one man was literally yelling his lungs into it. One man was standing taking the call and not realising he was literally massaging the grills on the pavement and helping BBMP clean the dust … I am sure he must be talking to someone really special that made him just feel not part of this world and did not realise what he was doing,.
My phone ringtone was still buzzing in my ear , and was still wondering how many people would have tried to reach me, would people have got worried my phone was switched off…. In about sometime I actually started feeling very light and nice… feeling I just had all the time for myself…
But one thought kept bugging me… in this life we live … this gadget has become an inseparable part…whether people may use very limited, normal, maximum , Excessive etc etc etc…..
But let’s face the truth… this Gadget would RIP when the user does so.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Passion is what it takes

Have been taking the indigo flights quite a few times in the recent past and there is something that I have observed very closely…
There is surely something that sets this team/crew apart from that of the other flyers. Few quick aspects I noticed were
1. The security checkin desk works at a alarming speed to clear the crowd. Not just the desk but the crew have handheld devices so they move thru the crowd and clear as many people as they can.
2. The way they keep the momentum on is like we are probably not getting into a flight but are standing for the tickets of a football match ;-)
3. When we board the flight, while the monologue done by all airlines is done here as well, there is a little extra information such as giving info about the location each crew member belongs, the place they come from and the languages they all know.
4. When they make this almost 7-8 min boarding announcement, they don’t hide to the side but stand as though it is a stage performance and deliver this speech.
5. Their hairstyles are not the same, neither the shoes and they are not the perfect dolls as in many flyers.. but all of them have an amazing smile, willing to help.
6. The food on flight is a pay and eat service… have you seen their boxes …. Each box has something really nice written on it. A short story, an anecdote on the food item we are eating… which actually holds the attention of the eater… to eat and read…
7. And while you disembark from the flight the pilot also stands at the entrance with a smile to say bye J
I can see these guys ( atleast in all my experience with this flyer)…. have very high passion levels which also may be a good reason to see indigo inch to success slowly…
And I am one of those believers that “passion is what it takes” to make anyone successful while all other aspects are strong peripherals around this.