Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Namaskaar, Vivid Bharati akashvaani mein aapka swagat hai

Isn't that a line so common that you have heard for many years now.....

Well Last few years with the boom in IT, we have simultaneously seen the burst of so many radio channels, infact my car has an old deck which can accommodate just 6 channels and now we have more than 11 channels in Bangalore.
Each channel you swap you get to hear the same blabber of the RJ’s. Same songs…
When it all began it sounded refreshing with a new look approach, but over a period the charm just faded away for me. But there is one channel that I have been hearing since my childhood and it is still refreshing each time I hear. I don’t think there are any guesses, we all know it is Vivid Bharati 102.9 Mhz fm, as we all know it.
When I just sit down to think why do I still love this channel, I think it is because of the variety it has. Even the RJ’s are so polished and the quality of which ever language they speak be it kannada, hindi or English is really good. They really command respect on air. The programs they cover, with early morning Devotional songs, then followed by news, bhavageetes, Nandana or be it the national programs such as Bhule Bisre Geet, Aapki Farmaaish. They are so nice. Reading letters of people from far of unheard villages, requests from Soldiers. The ads they publish, be it an awareness on a disease, or other old brands of dabur lal dantamajan, or your golden silks and sarees,,,, all still remains the old era type,,,, but I am still fond of it. Though this has been there for years, still it has its freshness to it. It does have some programs still which are boring, but all in all it makes up for the defects
Over a period this channel has also gone thru its share of transformation to survive amidst its private challengers who can do anything to get their market share of audience by giving expensive prizes , having live chats at eateries , road side, just anything.
Vivid Bharati still remains conservative to an extent when compared to other channels but that is what I guess I like and am sure this is one undebated channel that is liked by generations.
Apart from this I used to also like “ Ceylon Radio’. Maybe I now need to buy a world space to catch up with this channel. The numbers they played were classics.
This year Vivid Bharati is celebrating ‘ SWARNA JAYANTHI” “ golden Jubilee “

I do hope this one radio channel continues till eternity…. !!!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Seeing the Diva!!!!!

How does it feel to see a person whom you have been almost worshipping from your childhood stands BANG!!!! in front of you…. I can’t even find a superlative adjective to express that.

8th April, flight to Chennai on my usual trip, everything seemed the same, just that for once I requested at the counter to give me the first row in the economy class, the attendant said that all the aisle and window was booked and just one middle seat was left,
Something made me say , ok to it , well knowing the fact that I did not know who my neighbours would be. While going thru the security check I saw suddenly there was this air filled with , “ look who is there” kind of smell, everyone seemed to turn back, turn again, give smiles to someone who was dressed in White dhoti, white kurta and white chappal, all in all white, I was seated at the lounge and a huge pillar was obstructing my view, thought must be someone , but did not really want to get up, and make it obvious that I wanted to see him. The curiosity cat in me was still uneasy and was urging me to go and take a peep. Somehow controlled, the boarding call was announced and I moved with the normal procedure. I sat at my seat with two equally plumpy people next to me. Was quiet uncomfortable, but soon fell asleep as I had just taken a heavy doze of benedryl in the night due to cough. The attendant woke me up to have some cookie and tea. I asked her for some tea and from my seat , thru the curtain in the business class I could see this All white man there, again all acting very nice all smiles, who is this guy was my question again, I could only see his right hand and his dhoti, not even his head.
Finally we landed and while we were coming down thru the escalator, I could see this man from a side posture, one look and I knew … it was “ YESUDAS” . The diva whose voice has mesmerized thousands of people for decades. The jet airways authorities were giving him the special treatment which was evident. On the way there were several strangers who just came upto him, shook hands, took blessings. I suddenly felt very shy as he was now standing right in front of me at the exit and I did not know what to do. I had the automatic smile on my face that was beaming, he saw me and smiled the typical celebrity way…. But that’s good enough. Does this man know that the woman who stood in front of him is crazy about his voice, songs... and her ipod which was in her hand had only his songs predominantly….. no, he has no clue, but who cares… my trip was made