Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Hero Forever.......

We were in Mysore , it was 6.30 AM in the morning of 30th December 09, my husband and daughter were still asleep , and I wanted to have some tea. I called the reception of the hotel and asked them to help me with some tea. The boy who came to our room, gave me the tea, and also told me something that left me in a state of shock. “ Death of Vishnuvardhan” the legendary actor. I could hardly believe my own ears , that I was listening something that was unbelievable but yet a brutal truth. From my child hood I have been a fan of Vishnu. I still remember having cried ( infact i still cried watching the vcd a few months ago ) after watching some most emotional scenes from his movie. Be it the last scene of “ Bandana “ where he dies at the hospital , or the last scene from “Suprabhata” where he assures that he is still waiting or be it the outright comedy of "mane mane Kathe" or be it his roles in movies like "nagarahaavu", " hombisilu". He had touched my heart in many ways. We were on a vacation and were travelling from Mysore towards Coorg, but there was a deep sadness that had engulfed me. I was feeling a deep sense of loss . We reached the estate near Coorg where there was no network, no newspaper which made me even more desperate to figure out what was happening in bangalore. The watchman of the estate had a TV in his house, I went to see there, but to my bad luck the power failure was too frequent hindering me to get an update. As soon as we reached Madikeri in the morning, the first thing I did was to catch hold of the newspaper. I read the paper to the last word , all just to know about him. I guess it is truly a tragedy for it marks an end to an era of such class actors. I have taken a cut out of one of the photos in the paper today which I thought is truly a rare photo which is priceless. My sincere tribute to both these legendary actors “ Dr. Rajkumar and Dr. Vishnuvardhan” .
Their memories will always remain fresh in our hearts thru the many roles they have played in some unforgettable movies.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Only on the magic slate

There is something which my daughter who has just turned 4 has been drawing for the last few weeks, but the peculiar thing is that she is at her creative best only on the magic slate , which has to be erased. So I end up taking a snap of all that , so I can restore what she did in some way. Tried making her do that on a drawing book, but all in vain
We went to Cubbon park on one of the Saturday and she comes back home and draws her way of a wonderful train. The train started with a wheel, two wheels, the wagon , steam and then finally emerges the whole train “ kooooooiiing,
Then comes her bus, Duck, house, ET with numbers embedded in its tummy, mountains which have fence. The god gift to a child is free thinking without any barricades or any rules of the land to curtail its wonderful imagination

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Old friends are ever fresh :-)

It was last month, my friend Senthil called me and told me that he was getting all old friends to catch up for lunch. This is a group from my good old Pre university Days. That is 1994. Post PUC most of us moved to different colleges and took up various walks of life. It had been a good 15 years , in between yes one of two meetings, but not in groups. He managed to pull in 8 of us for this get together.
All we could do for a couple of hours was just talk about the days we spent in tuitions, classes or what we call the famous “ ADDA” after tuitions and remember instances of molecular size. We could recall instances and have a hearty laugh at our stupidities as fresh as if it was yesterday.
None of us were even interested to know what the other was doing or how successful, or not one has been. I guess this friendship circle that we develop during our young age will guess continue to be this way even if we all go fully grey. I sincerely cherish this wonderful friendship of all my friends who have stood by me at all times. I have put up the snap which we took the other day. I am going to make an effort to put the names of all these fellows now … Senthil, Anu, Brunda, Madhu, Satish, Dumma Satish, Aparna, Suma, Archana, Ranjitha, Nithin, Sushma, venkatesh. This was a whole gang , mobsters rather.
Each one was an entertainer in some way or the other,,, so if you are reading this blog, you can take that snap. 

How Dormant have I been ?

I opened my blog today and realized that it has been a good 6 months since I lay in slumber sleep.

I happened to read most of the blogs of my good friends and I have really been missing all of this.
I was just wondering how dormant have I been. From the time I fell ill in June and after that …there is no noise from me….

Not acceptable… I am hoping to start on from today and keep this going,….