Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lump in my throat

27th, 28th 29th of last month October was a Diwali celebration time with bursting of crackers, happiness all around. A festival that is celebrated in our country united.
27th , 28th , 29th of this month November , India is united, but to the sounds of bursting…. of bombs, grenades , bullets….
These days will never be the same to India anymore. Every paper, channels are flashing the gory details on the attack on a country that is the world’s supreme in “Democracy”.
My country , My Motherland is under siege. Sounds more like an English movie, but this is crude reality that has just settled down in my mind that my country has been attacked in the most brutal way so far.
Tyrant waves of patriotism in my heart , at the same time a feeling of helplessness that I as a citizen of this country sitting at my home far away from Mumbai can only pray to God to save my people and my land. Glued to the TV, seeing many innocent lives lying astray, there is a lump in my throat rising within with each new clipping being shown.
What did the little baby of Rabbi ‘s family do, that the greatest calamity has struck their baby forever with the death of his parents, what did those hundred’s of innocent people do? Is killing and being killed the only solution? This is a question that pricks me each time I see terror across the Globe. Don’t these killers have families too?
Sure even their families would be mourning somewhere. Be it the death of our heroes, or be it the death of the terrorist of an unwanted land. This way of dying is the most painful.
All I can do like my million other comrades is to pray to the lord, to give strength to the “ Spirit of my Land” which is being tested time and again.
Praying to make this world a BETTER PLACE, ONE PLACE and a HAPPY PLACE to live for all

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jab We Met

Yes I know it is an old title, of a film that has gone by few months ago……
I watched that movie today for the 4th time, guess I haven’t seen any movie so many times in a long long time…. Don’t even recollect having done that before…
This movie is really pleasant to see,,, a simple story so well told,,,,, and the songs are really good.
Especially the song sung by Ustad Rashid khan .. “ aaoge jab tum oh saajana……” divine melody…..
I just heard that song couple of times in the car today while driving….
Though the characters who have played the lead roles in the movie are so unreal in real life…. Their reel life looks very sweet, loving and nice…
If you have still not watched the movie, then watch it….

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Winter Leaves

Left home early to office, was crossing thru cubbon park, this was nothing unusual as I do that every day…. But today the traffic was a little less or maybe I was in a mood to observe things outside other than focus just on traffic..
I happened to be at a point when there was a strong wind and there were these leaves that just began to wither down from the tree… this was near the public library… it looked so beautiful.
They were just dry leaves dying and making way for the newer ones to come… but it was a very pleasant sight to see .
I just pulled my car to a side , sat for 5 minutes watching them…..
Traffic just rolled on, as though people have become so insensitive or have no time for anything….or guess they keep exclusive weekend time for such activities... dont know