Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reliving Agumbe

Last week, we were off on a impromptu trip to shrinigeri.
We set out in the morning around 8 and went thru the chikamagalur route.
We reached Shringeri by around 5 pm. There was time for Sunset.
This is when we decided to quickly drive down to Agumbe which is around 26 kms only from Shringeri.
Off we went zooming as fast as we can on the ghaty roads. We reached in about 45 minutes.
It was exactly 10 long years since I visited Agumbe.
the place had become crowdy as man vehicles were parked to catch the glimpse of the sunset. Also it was the holiday season.
Just after the checkpost, there stood a man who had a small little cart shop, where he was preparing Coffee, tea and channa dal vadas.
The same man stood 10 years ago too , in the same place unchanged.
He had the same welcoming conversation, except that he had lost all his teeth in the front row. the vadas were amazing and so was the nice hot cup of coffee.
He has been there in that same spot for the last 17 years is what he proudly claims.
We then walked down to the sunset spot. The weather was playing spoilt sport with clouds covering the sky, but then, they can't hide the sun for long. We did catch a glimpse of it.
10 years ago, when we visited during the rainy season, we had see a cobra crossing the road. less traffic, less crowd.