Saturday, March 21, 2009

Harping on a new profession

Last night I was going to say good night to my mom before hitting bed… I saw that she was doing some serious studying…. Went close to her to see what she was reading….
She was reading a book called “grandma’s tales” , I was quiet surprised that at that hour she was reading that book and she said, that she better learn a few stories each day, coz next afternoon when my daughter is back, she would need a story to make her eat, a story to put her to sleep , a story just when my daughter feels like. And my mom seemed to have exhausted all the old stories and any repetition anymore was highly questionable by my daughter.
It just looks like my mother in her role of a grand mom is quiet concerned on her performance…

What would i do when i get to her role..... i wonder????? probably my KRA's would be different :-)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

magic of mangoes

Come autumn each year, there is an unusual happiness in me, when I go to the backyard of my granny’s house. There are fresh mango flowers that would have blossomed and some tiny mangoes that would have popped up on the mango tree. In my earlier blog on “ Ajji Mane” I have written in length what are all the specialties of this little backyard. The secret of this mango tree is that , no one planted it, nobody sowed the seed…. About 6-7 years ago this small sapling came up and my granny has been nurturing it since then. These mangoes are juicy and tasty,,, … the mango rice with the tender ones in particular is so yummy…
I guess, this tree has been a full time multipurpose tree.,,, be it the leaves, the fruit or the shade to sit,,,,
we respect mother nature and she will always care for us….

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

lifestyle of a different kind

Today morning, I went to the bus stand to wait for the office bus , which has now more or less become a due course for more than a week now. I parked my car at a nearby parking lot and started to walk towards the bus stand to catch the bus. While I was walking , I crossed the temple, which comes on the way, near the temple I saw a bunch of elderly people in the probably 75+ years, sitting on a bench with a certain common book in their hand. One of them got up from the bench very feebly and started to read… rather sing looking at the book. With the coarse it was evident that it was a book on vedic chants. The elderly woman first sang a phrase and then it was followed by the others. All their voices was surely not in tune, but they all managed to sing in harmony. While this was one group I continued to walk and then there was a park, here again I saw a bunch of elderly people all standing in a circle , it was very clear they were undergoing or practicing “laughter therapy” it was absolutely “ so sweet” to see them. I guess they looked as adorable as what a 2- 3 year old baby would have tried to do. The bus stop was bang opposite the park and so while I waited for the bus, I just observed these groups of people, the way they were engaging themselves. While I saw them I just wondered, how they must have gone thru the same busy hectic lives that we are leading …. Or may be not… they must have led busy lives but not an erratic or insane lives that probably we are leading where the way we behave seems 24 hours is just not enough… Doing what … just running to sustain ourselves , just us …selfishly. OR may be not, we are forced to or we have just got ourselves engulfed into this monotonous , robotic lifestyle. Can we change it…., I keep thinking pretty much, that ‘s it…. Little bit of fine tuning for some time , then back again into the grinder….