Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Freedom yet bonded

Its been years since I scribbled the below note. It must have been way back in 2000 when Bangalore was still to an extent a peaceful city.

Last 12 years if I sit back to see how life has moved.... I must say it has moved in F1 speed. Each one is running as fast as one can and the focus is predominantly shifted to everything being associated to making upto something in life.. but what is it?...  name, fame or money. Each one seems too exhausted but the determination to keep it on is highly visible. Life was not as hectic even 10 years ago..... It just feels even with all the freedom, man still remains a glorified bonded labourer even today to various things of life.

On the eve of  Independence Day, wishing  each one of you a free and spirited life ahead.
Slogans were heard everywhere,
Gunshots were fired in the air.
We called them patriots.
But aliens called them slaves.

Dressed in white,
They fought for freedom
They were men with mettle
And real wisdom

They spoke one language,
Visioned one goal,
Followed one mission,
Honest to their soul.

Shedding away their tears,
They fought for years.
Many died….
With bullets and swords pierced.

One day at midnight…
14th August 1947
Came the night of freedom,
To see India like heaven

Today we have the independence,
But there has been a slow death…
Death!!! of a patriot within us
Goals different and souls apart,
Confused how to end and what to start
Fighting for luxury beyond par….
Is this what our martyrs died for?

Feel the spirit of Freedom, in its true sense !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A medal to take home

The most awaited Olympics is underway and each day as I open the newspaper I quickly try to browse the medal tally page to see which country stands in which position and with how many medals.

As I had my cup of tea, I just began to think, what about all those people who are there to represent their countries but have won no medal. Are they any less ? they would have been focusing on their sport and practising with sleepless nights. The sacrifices they would have made to stay focused and the hard work they would have put in to make their country proud. Does that all go in wane? They are the unsung heroes according to me. But what remains a hard truth is the world lifts the man who brings the metal home.

Sushil kumar's match is to happen today and I sincerely hope he becomes the man to bring the shiny gold medal home....and make us all even prouder.