Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Silent bird sings a million songs !!

A Silent bird

Sings a million songs,

With melancholy

And feelings strong.


A voice so sweet

But filled with grief

Waiting for that spring

With hope and belief


Singing the tunes,

Of the happy days gone

Waiting for that sunshine

For life be reborn,


Spring in life is the hope

For all who are alive,

But life brings harsh winters

And that is the Circle of life !


Mysteries of life !!

There are moments in life

Truly mysterious,

Unsolvable are its secrets

Like the heart of the deep ocean.


Indefinable are the reasons

No questions to fathom

Answers discrete

And thoughts are just random.


Heart doesn’t  seek to measure

The methods of life defined

It only wishes to treasure

That emanates unrefined


The purity of mind

Sanctity of the soul

Passion that can bind

Is truly to behold


Mysteries are secrets

Never to be solved

Its best left untouched

So life can evolve !

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

When the rubber hits the road .... Ah!!!!!

It was the month of October last year , was reading an article in Deccan herald Supplement. The article read “ The women on the machines “. A short write up on enthusiastic women from the Bikerni Club , Bengaluru who gushed out of their routine norms to try the exciting and the free spirited art of biking. Why do I call it art, you will get to know in the next few minutes if you are not bored and still reading this blog of mine.. J

Now coming back to what happened , post reading the article thru the day the whole thought and urge to do something similar kept me occupied. A little bit of flash back to my life.. just to remember that I rode a Luna first when I was in Grade IV , 10 years old and I took to my fathers Bajaj Chetak in Class IX .. but as life progressed with its many twists and turns,and a major accident leaving me badly injured made riding as a passion take a back seat .. The norm of life took precedence over my inner urge to just set free and hit the rubber on the road..

Coming back from work that day, spoke to Vinayak , my husband on what was going on in my mind. He suggested that I should reach out to the club and get myself to be part of the group.. Next day I was just doing that and was fast enough to be welcomed to the group .. and here I am now writing my first experience .. I think its all about timing and will of the super power to make things happen at a time destined..

At home we had an RE thunderbird for the last 3 years, but mostly being used by Vinayak and me riding shorts trips within the city , NECE road … due to the phobia of injury still haunting with confidence levels of myself and my people not being great L. I nominated myself for two trips of the club earlier but could not make it for both due to work .. the third one I was clear that I was not going to  miss .. come what may.. and there I was all set on the 10th Jan for  my first experience of a long ride ..

Morning 5.30 Am and Sunday… did not matter.. spirits were high .. got ready started from home.. still dark and barking dogs  running behind.. but was there at the said meeting point before time. .  We then moved on to our point 2 which was IPC… I did not know until I went there, which I am sure most of you would know that IPC is the Indian Paratha Company on NH 7 .. we reached there by 7.15 and waited for the others .. Weather was chill and still limited visibility .  Ordered for some hot parathas and Chai .. that was like heaven..  We then had our briefing session on what to expect, rules to follow during the journey, while I always understood the regular hand signals of riding, communicative signs were interesting to know and that is why I call it an art.. and then we started off on the journey with some happy smiling pics and selfies.. but with  butterflies still in my stomach roaming freely  screaming .. “ Can you do it ? “.

We started with about 60 Kmph and varied till about 90 Kmph on our onward journey. It took us about 2+ hours to reach Lepakshi . Few of us parked ourselves happily under the shade at one part of the temple while other enthusiasts went around the whole temple with a guide to understand the story of each of the pillars.. ( J ) kidding.. but really appreciate their patience as by now the weather was super hot in Lepakshi with the sun right above our head.. . We then headed to AP Tourism hotel, had our lunch with some spicy food and then decided to take the return journey with no breaks till we hit IPC again. From the time we started it was just focus with speeds varying.  Few of the rider were much ahead of me and I was trying to catch up with them with now my confidence levels slowing rising from the last few hours .. I started to accelerate to see at a point my Speedometer had hit 120 Kmph .. a sudden child like joy .. wondering “ is it me “… I continued the stretch on the same speed .. a feeling hard to express.. can I say liberated from my own inhibitions..  

We then reached close to IPC , to a Dhaba close by .. again some snacking time, introductions , debating on how the day went and understanding what could be done better.. basically expressing yourself on how the day went.. post which we all left to reach back to our homes …

Had a midway comedy too with the police with me and a few girls..  , hard to narrate though.. but the girls if reading this can have a hearty laugh..

At the end of the day , had it not been for these vibrant women I wound have still lived longer just thinking “ CAN I  “, WILL I “ and moved on with life.
Its more realizing your dream and releasing yourself from inhibitions to make way for living up to what you have loved just being there , doing it  and saying Ah!!!!

Just on another note.. this experience has also help trigger my blogs again.. let me do my best to keep this alive for this year.

have a fantastic year..