Saturday, June 13, 2009

Customer is the king ?????

Geeze it has been a good 2-3 months that i even opened this portal.

this is something that happened sometime back, but i am putting it up now.

This is an incident that happened at the post office. have you guys ever been to a PO. Have you noticed the treatment you get. I am not sure what your experience has been but most of the customers experience a very sad treatment at the Rajajinagar HEad PO. Most of the assitants out there have no basic respect , forget for youngsters but even to those poor old people who have their age old accounts there who come monthly visiting this PO.

I am sure these assitants or clerks must be bugged in life, but i guess they sincerely need some kind of training to be more humane. They have an interesting write up written by Mahatma Gandhi, but guess that is just to adorne the walls only and not for implementation. I know this seems a crib blog. People who are able to raise their voices can get their job but what about the milder ones, isn't it somekind of a humliation each time they go and ask some info there. It could be their innocence of their ignorance, but isn't it the duty of the people to be patient.......
well i took the photo of this board above the head of the clerk, she asked me why.,,, and i told her to get her a personal copy to put it up at her desk right in front of her eyes,,,so she keeps reading it to understand better.