Friday, February 29, 2008


He taught me to walk,
My first step of Life.
He made me speak,
Wonderfully to life.

He’s seen me happy,
He’s seen me Cry,
He’s seen me grow,
He’s seen me try.

Spirit of my success
Mentor of my failures,
Teaching me the art
Of living life...

The strength behind us,
Helping us rise..
The very energy
That kept us tied

Being with me in bad weather,
Teaching me not to bother,
Makes me proud,
I love you father.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

King of melodies...

Since the last few weeks, I have encouraged myself to ensure and find time to listen to music before I go to sleep.
It has been over 2 years, since my very life style has changed, thanks to my sweetie . My life and my time is more controlled by her and her wants.

But so far the last few weeks have been going good, finding enough time after I put her to sleep. My love for music is more for anything that is melodious.... In this my favorite are mid 70's-80's tamil songs.... since my childhood I have a strong liking for Tamil , though kannada is my mother tongue. I have managed to learn and speak the language without either been living in Tamil Nadu or taking any classes.

My strong love for this language all started with a love while hearing tamil songs of Illayaraja. I wonder how this man could churn melody with each song he was more like each fruit was juicer than the previous one It was always getting better than the best. There was no law of " diminishing marginal utility" at all... it was always... the other way

My perosnal favourites are almost all songs of Mohan movies…. which has Yesudas singing for it….I feel very happy, light and relaxed while I listen to these many…sweet numbers.

These songs are amazing “de” stressors’… try them, if you have read this :-)

Man and the machine!!!!

Waking in the Morning,
Looking at the clock
Ten minutes to eight,
Got up in a shock.

Another day to start
Beginning to run.
Rushing to the office,
Loads of work to be done.

Forgotten ..Chirping of the Sparrows,
Just driving fast on the roads narrow.
Overtaking my comrades,
And not looking back.

Standing at the signal
Waiting for the go,
Felt like a Marathon

Felt at office just on time
But its already half past nine...
Now begins the routine...
Man and the Machine!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ajji mane ( granny's house)

Since the death of my father in 95, we moved to my grand parents place and was living there till i got married. For me Ajji mane, is a house that is filled with many memories....

It is located in a most commercial place close to ESI in Rajajinagar. My ajja used to say that 50 years ago when he built the house, there were only paddy fields.... and today it is only shopping centres, there are just few houses. may be just 3 spared on this main road, one is ours and other is our opposite neighbours.....

The best part of this house is that though there is so much traffic outside, the backyard is pleasant and peaceful, because of all the trees we have. Backyard of my ajji's house has so much memory for me, where i have spent many playful days with my ajja, whom i loved the most. He lived till he was 90. I remember me giving him a shave as his hands used to shiver at the backyard with a medium sized hand mirror for him to check if it was looking fine., applying coconut oil to his body as his body would get very dry.... , watering all the plants.... trimming the grass.... , they just bring fresh memories even while i am writing this blog. We had many trees such as papaya, coconut, banana plant, curry leaves, neem , cotton plant to name a few. and flowers such as kanakambara, jasmine, spatika.....and off course not to forget the PAN leaves... they huge brindavan that was desinged to hold many little lamps that could be protected from rain, sun or the wind.... . My ajja was very fond of papaya and therefore we had 4 trees that would ripen each time to give its best.... i never tried it coz i somehow just dont like that fruit... . The tragedy was when my ajja died, just within a span of few months all the 4 trees perished, they just fell off or simply rotted... guess they were equally attached to my ajja.
now its been over 7 years since i moved out of my ajji's house and it has been a while since i peeped into the backyard... but my mom used to give me updates as to what is the new thing there. She had told me of a mango tree that had sudden begin to grow , no one had done any serious planting... but then yesterday she got the first fruit home... when i saw that " mavina kayi" I was amazed.... had time really flown that fast that a small plant is now a big tree with fruits.... My ajji now lives alone in that house and i ensure i keep visiting her. But i am really not able to spend that leisure time that i used to with her like before, due to all the hectice lifestyle... which is not god created but self created.

When i saw that mango, lot of emotions went thru me, i felt very guilty that i have not been able to be with her or spend the time... and today while i eat the " mavinakayi gojju" ( mango tangy curry) i promise myself to be this weekend with my ajji....

I love you ajji and ajja,,,,,

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not now....

While i was on leave on thursday to do baby sitting... i got an apportunity to really feel my daughter mansi's picking up vocabulary.

She has taken more time to utter her first few words than other kids since she has been living in a house of noise.. where there is clash of hindi, english ..kannada and if need be Telegu.
i just wonder sometimes how that little thing must be feeling and learning everything at the same time...
I told her lets go to school... and she came spank with a reply " abhi Beda"....

are you wondering what that means , that means " not now" Abhi in Hindi and Beda in kannada.

I was stunned but controlled myself asked her why " not now" she then said " aache hot"

aache means " outside "in kannada. I just stood for a while to digest what i heard, though it was a good entertainment for us to hear that sweet voice being multi lingual, it also made me applaud her effort to start talking using all these lingual tools she had been gifted by the entire family..:-)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Music Playing on the Radio
With my favourite song,
Ther's candle light
And feelings strong

Come lets dance tonight
Feeling our souls alive
I want to dance tonight
I want to feel divine

Life is short they say
Lets make it a fairy tale
In this short life time
I want you to be mine

Come lets dance tonight
Feeling our souls alive
I want to dance tonight
I want to feel divine

Swinging with the moods of wind
Setting our toes free
Its the right time you see
To just feel heaven thee....

Come lets dance tonight
Feeling our souls alive
I want to dance tonight
I want to feel divine