Friday, April 20, 2012

Gorgeous Gulmohar

At the far end of my school playground stood a gorgeous looking GULMOHAR tree. Most of my lunch breaks was spent sitting under this tree with my friends. I used to always wonder how this tree which just looked green throughout the year came to so much life during spring with such beautiful orange, Red flowers. So much so that the leaves just looked vanished from the tree. Today after so many years i get to see this beautiful sight in bounties near my house. Last three seasons I have been thinking to write about this and finally today is the day I am doing it. During the first week of May they are at the peak of looking the most gorgeous before that first shower happens . I will try and get few snaps then too... I used to always hear this beautify song by Gulzar and wonder why a name of a tree for a beautiful girl... but as I started growing... began to realize the meaning of it... and what thoughtful meaning for all the moods we carry :-)

"Gulmohar Gar Tumhara Naam Hota
mausam- E-Gul Ko Hasaana Bhi Hamara Kaam Hota"