Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dil ka chakkar...

अर्ज़ किया है... हम्म हम्म... ज़रा तालियाँ हो जाए.. :-)

यह दिल किसने बनाया
बनाया तो क्या सोचके !
आजाता है किसीपर
बिना किसीसे पूछके !
हस्था है कभी तो कभी यह रुलाता है !
और तो कभी यह सोच में पड़ जाता है !
इस दिल की घेहराइयों को न समझा है कभी और न समझेंगे भी कभी !
पर सच तो यह है की यह यूँही नहीं आता किसीपर कभी !
आही गया दिल तो कुछ भी करने को हो जाता है राज़ी
लेकिन इस दरमियान में कभी वो हार जाता है बाज़ी !
दिल तो दिल है मानेगा नहीं
और यह तो सुदरेगा नहीं
जब तक है जान इसे दडकने दो यूँही !

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Perfect Strangers to Comrades

As this bug of riding has bitten me severely for a few weeks now, I set out on my next escapade to Yercaud Hills with these fabulous women bikers again . This time the group had new set of bikers with a few of them from the past trip. I set out in the morning at 5 AM from home and reached our first meeting point at 6am. We then started on our journey being led by Malavika , Sweeping by Sindhu and it was Sam , Anu and me in between reaching our next pit stop for breakfast at krishnagiri. We had breakfast at Krishna Inn , where I also happened to meet my good friend Rajan and his family . We waited for DJ with some drama :--) and then moved ahead by around 8.45 am. Steady speed of about 80 kmph enjoying the lovely morning riding thru the highway reading all the signboards and the village names , we reached the next point for some amazing “ Degree –Coffee” that’s what it is called. Hot coffee served in brass cups. We later reached Salem and was joined by another enthusiastic biker Thiri, who travelled all alone from Pudhukotai ( hope I got the name right) which is a good 250+ kms away. We all then started our last leg of the ride up the hills, 20 hairpin bends.. counting each one of them, just waiting to finish the last one, so we could go take rest and have some lunch as now it was almost close to 1 pm and hunger goddess had taken over control of my mind, body & soul.  Thiri had made arrangement for us at a lovely homestay in the Mayfair Avenue. Truly a homestay that I have experienced in the many years.  Hot food, rice so hot that a nice facial steam could be taken  ;-) … and same goes with the rest of the food.  DJ being kind enough to serve all of us ..  Filling lunch and time for a power nap.. We then left for a sight seeing… sorry sight riding by 4 pm .Boat ride at the lake and then to an uphill temple and then a Columbus ride which just made us feel.. childlike . I am sure DJ enjoyed the most.. ;-) .. sorry we enjoyed the most seeing DJ. We then got back to the homestay by 7 or so and then night food was getting ready.. . Bonfire lit and time to relax ,chill & yakking around and discussion topics covering 360 degrees of the world and as the night set deeper in, it was also discussions on “Bodhi Tattvaa”.. too ;-) .

It just made me wonder a few hours ago some of them were just names on the whatsapp group and nothing beyond that and here we were hours down the line talking as though we were long lost buddies catching up years after. All of us from different facets of life, different cultures and none of them really bothered to know what baggage of life you carry ,  but just bound by the one fact and that  fact being “the love of riding “  and this passion for riding making us from being Perfect strangers to Comrades”. I think that is what journeys do… no matter where, who ,when  & how.

We started next morning more relaxed. Set out to see a few more spots and some crazy onlookers either clicking pictures or taking a video making us feel either great or weird .. We finally reached Electronic City junction by 5.30 pm and bid adieu to head back to our normal lives beckoning us. I came back Via my favorite NECE road , and it was just flat 40 minutes home.. my long time dream and best timing so far.

Finally all the while thru the journey for the most part it was the roads, hills, lakes , fellow travelers , some good music and just me .. And my random thoughts…