Monday, May 21, 2012

The man I love the most

It’s been 17 long years
that you have not been around
I realise that I have lived more
without you now

However old I get
Does it make a difference
My thoughts do amble
Thinking of you every day

I have grown over the years
From a little girl to a woman
But my love for you
Only Deepens

It’s now another year
And the day you left
you are my very soul
Leading me day by day....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Being "+"

This incident happened at Devbagh Beach resort while we were waiting at the beach for the boat to arrive so we could be taken for a drive into the ocean to see dolphins. Most of us were already seated and we were waiting for one more family to join us.

While I waited…. And with my camera ready … I saw a fisherman who came to the shore….

He then walked in , threw his net and waited for a while and then slowly pulled out his net--- not a single fish to his dismay. I was closely watching him to see what would he do next . He walked further down the beach and a little more deeper into the water and spread his net and waited for his catch. I was curious to watch what his luck had in store for him this time but by then we had to start and our boat left. It was almost 2 hours by the time we returned… I  almost had forgotten about him with the rough waters taking our ferry into all turns… and scaring my life out. But as we got down and walked towards our loghut I see this man sitting with his net and a basket removing quiet a few fishes :-)

I am a positive thinker and this little incident only made me feel more positive… (+)  :-)

Our tirade of failures will never lead us to success nor even get closer, but continuous attempt to achieve is what will lead us to savour every bit of it.

This  reiterated my thoughts to be only more positive.

Below is just a glimse of the episode that I tried to catch ...