Monday, May 24, 2010

Kites ------ flying high

Kites movie released in bangalore with a lot of unecessary hungama.
We got our tickets for the first day first show, doubtful if the movie was on, finally went up to the cinema hall. And bang in the intermission, comes a message
sorry for the incovenience , collect ur refund. the first half of the movie has been narrated in a very abrupt manner, unfortunately, missed the second half.

A kind of irritation of not knowing the full story, made me go to the cimema hall, closer to home to pick up the next day ticket. Its pouring like crazy, but nothing can deterr as i just want to see the whole movie and be done with it. that day morning, i glanced thru the various reviews in TOI and deccan, each quiet contradictory to each other.

Got into the theatre for the last show on Sunday
LEt me tell you , Hritik is awesome. I mean he is just too perfect to be a hero.
Barbara Mori... oops, she is just too beautiful, simple, zero makeup...
both of them make a deadly pair... the story is very intense and has been narrated very very intelligently. You just need to be smart enough to follow the trail.

A few hiccups are there, but is definitely worth the watch. Songs are really really nice. Dont know why these reviews misleed people. anyways thats their personal opinion , but I even got the CD.
Planning to catch up for another show over this weekend, if the movie survives the theatres till then.

Go watch it... i liked it. :-)

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Sivaguru said...

I almost decided to watch this movie, though i also saw not so favorable reviews.
one statement that 'just a little intelligence' is required to appreciate the movie helped me decide against it :-).