Thursday, September 25, 2008


My friend tagged me....

Where is your cell phone?---- Currently sticking to me ears for the last 5 hours.. pyuking
Your hair?---- Looks electrocuted

your favorite thing? ----Singing while driving with all windows closed

One thing you hate----- telephone
Your dream last night?----- My %^&*( taking a class for me

Your favorite drink?----- Tata tea

What you’re not?------ Hypocrite

Where you grew up? ------Rajajinagar ( do you know)

The last thing you did? -----Wrote a blog

What are you wearing?------ Chudidhaar as usual

Your mood? -------Totally low ,so blogging
Missing someone?------ My baby

Something you’re not wearing?------- My wit and smile.

Favorite store?------ Gurjari ( Gujarat Emporium)

Like someone? -------Still thinking
Your favorite color?-------- Cant think of one now

One word you overuse –----- God…..

Wrap gifts? or Gift Bags? –----- Gift bags, I am lousy at wrapping

I tag :------ you

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