Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Punch liners catch me!!!

Ok, today I am in chennai and had to catch up some grub commuting between offices, the cab driver took me to a restaurant called palimar … Speed 4 Veg restaurant. ( hope I got the name right)
This is no special restaurant and usual, but it has something that could just pep anyone feeling low or in a bad mood.
His entire core interior decoration are nothing but huge placards with some wonderful , catchy , motivating proverbs… apt for today’s living style,,,
I was all alone, but I enjoyed every moment being , in that hotel.. trying to recollect a few of them, so you can read and have a light smile on your face ( hoping J )
1. If you keep working faithfully for 8 hours you will be promoted as a manager and then you will work 12 hours
2. There is no point winning a rat race, coz even if you win you will still be a rat
3. A racehorse is the only animal that can take thousands of people for a ride at the same time
4. I always remember faces, in your case I make an exception
5. Don’t be so humble, you are not that great
6. Hard work never hurt anyone, but I decided why take the chance
7. There is nothing called gravity , basically earth sucks !!!!
8. I have three phone, 2 landlines and a mobile , one in my car and two at home, if I missed and do not return your call then the only reason is “ I don’t like you”
9. The irony is when you call wrong numbers, they are never engaged
10. If someone says, today is the end of the world, don’t worry, its already tomorrow in Australia

11. I never had a penny in my name, so i changed my name 12. People will believe anything if you whisper it
I got to surely get a prize for my memory , to recall as many in about 20 minutes i stayed there .

I guess such things should be more wall mounted in common places of visit… light and funny.
I have seen some serious writing also in some places, but don’t recall.

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