Friday, March 7, 2008

ride on victoria road

I am still not able to sit properly while I sit infront of my laptop to check my mails
Today I decided to take my bike “ Suzuki access” to the office instead of my car…
The reason was to reach home earlier as I had to catch up with a few things at home.
I left office at 6.00 and my journey started from airport road..I decided not to take the MG road route, coz work near the winsor manor bridge has caused too much traffic..
So I decided to take the Victoria road ( where lifestyle is located) and reach home….
Victoria,… the name sounds so royal.. but what a ride….and what a feeling…
I suddenly started feeling like Queen Victoria, on a bumpy horse on a dingy road…
All my muscles and bones have had a nice massage.. the effect may live for a few more days..

Now I need to figure out no MG road, no Victoria road, no majestic…. No sampige road. How do I reach home….

May be I got to sign up for a helicopter – service 

Air JAM would be happening next!!!! Watch out

1 comment:

Sivaguru said...

hopefully the air jams should be fewer. will need that for getting to the new airport.