Friday, December 19, 2008

Corner House

Near Nehru Circle in Sheshadripuram , there is a Corner House .. ice cream joint that I have been visiting for years. Week after week I have been visiting this place especially when we go on a late night drive to have an icecream. The good thing or the most convenient thing about this place is that there is a guy, Joseph if I am right, who comes over to your car and gets you the order. Over a period of time, we have befriended him and he ensures that we get the due attention, as soon as we dip our light or horn….
But yesterday, night which I thought was very usual, went to Corner house, but to my surprise bang next to corner house , sprang “ Baskin N Robbins” icecream shop…. Wall to Wall…..
My first reaction was , how can two competitors, hit wall to wall like in malls, This is a very silent place with limited , loyal customers….
But my daughters first reaction was “ Ma, I want Baskin Robbins…… only”
Even this joint has the same operating model of serving to your car. Now joseph came as usual and then this new guy also to catch up… And my daughter started yelling for BR … Joseph saw that and he had a look in his eyes, with disappointment… and I felt like as though my loyalty was being put to test….
As a new marketing stunt, this new shop also was offering 1 + 1 free…. We ordered, and I was eating the icecream, looking at both these guys, trying to run and catch their customers,,, ,,, but end of it all, for whatever loyalty I have, I guess I would vouch for dear Corner House,,, which has been there for so many years there, serving my favourite icecream in hot chocolate with nuts,.,,, yum,,,, that’s what I would say…

Now I know my next visit I go, we would have both these guys coming over to serve, coz I would go with CH and my daughter for BR….

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