Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time to Dance

I really have this craze for dancing, that kind of runs in my blood, but past few years with the way i have put on weight, i try hard to refrain as i feel i kind of look funny. Every year ,navratri Durga pooja happens on all the 9 days in a very traditional and ethnic way in my apartment. This was the first time i was attending it....I just went to see the goddess for the pooja and then all the ladies just bang pulled me to dance with them.... for sometime felt a little odd... but then some of them were much better than me ( in weight) :-) felt like i had a lot of company of the same type.. and then there was no stop. and playing with those dandiya sticks... it was such a long time...
It makes you feel so happy, de stressed.... and so much fun

so many people came forward for this pooja...truly such festivals give a lot of opportunity to know people around you.

I just plugged some snaps, not sure if it is clear.

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